Friday, March 20, 2009

Feed the Fetish - Wings

I'm a sucker for wings. It's a cruel little fetish because I've yet to meet anyone who actually has them. So I settle for art, and there are some great images out there:

Luzbel by ~Varges on deviantART

3-29-09 Note: The piece of art I'd originally embedded was no longer available for embedding, so I switched it up to another picture I love.


Anonymous said...

Oh so pretty!

Rowan McBride said...

@sharrow - Oh, I know. I love an angel that looks a little dangerous. ;)

Jennifer McKenzie said...

That is TOTALLY cool! I love wings too.

Rowan McBride said...

@Jennifer. There's just something about the imagery, yeah?

Anonymous said...

He can come into my dreams anytime he wants.