Thursday, September 16, 2010

Michael Finally Grows Up - Chapter 8

Chapter eight of Michael Finally Grows Up is done and posted. I wish I had something clever and insightful to say as to why I up and decided to write more of this story after, oh, a year and two months, but the truth is I was feeling it and so I jumped in. XD

Avery’s voice is always a lot of fun to write for me. I hope you enjoy getting reacquainted with him:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun Stuff: Cosplay

Is "Fun Stuff" better than "Feed the Fun"? I dunno. Moving on.

If you read my previous post you know last month was hella hectic for me because the family had descended. Proof of how frazzled this had made me can be found in the typo I made in the title of a newsletter I sent out last month. {sigh} Embarrassing. But overall being with the extended fam was a lot of fun, things have settled in the last few days, and now I'm in recovery mode, so let's move on from that as well.

Dragon*Con starts this weekend. I don't get to go this time around so that's a bummer, but my favorite thing about any fan convention is the cosplay, so I thought I'd post a few of my favorite images from deviantArt. I hope you enjoy them too.

TZP: The Lost Woods by *Adella on deviantART

This dude's body isn't photoshopped--he spent six months with a personal trainer to look like Link. Now that's dedication to a character.


Code Geass R2 - Mutuality - 09 by ~shiroang on deviantART

I never get tired of good Geass cosplay.


X: if we could stay together by ~Aoinagaru on deviantART

I love X. And fanservice.


The Doctor and The Batman by *blackjack157 on deviantART

Bizarre team-ups rock too.