Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wow, time for a belated happy dance. :)

I’m way late in sharing this, but for the month of May I was on the Amber Allure best seller list:

What's Hot?
May 2009
Best Sellers!

1. Lone
- Rowan McBride
(Gay / Werewolf)

2. David's Dilemma
- Lynn Lorenz
(Gay / Contemporary)

3. Bottom's Up:
A Kinky Orgasm

- Amanda Young
(Gay / Contemporary)

4. 629 Miles To Love
- Fae Sutherland &
Marguerite Labbe
(Gay / Contemporary)

5. Tangled Web
- Cassie Stevens
(Gay / Suspense)

6. Satisfaction
- M. L. Rhodes
(Gay / Contemporary)

7. Sins Of Arrogance
- India Harper
(Gay / Suspense)

8. NEG UB2
- Rick R. Reed
(Gay / Contemporary)

9. Bounty Of The Heart
- J. M. Snyder
(Gay / Historical)

10. Playing The Field:
Play On

- J. M. Snyder
(Gay / Contemporary)

I’m siked and honored to be at number one. You guys rock.

Lone also made it as high as the number four slot on All Romance eBooks. I took screencaps of both, and will be putting those up on my website as soon as I get a chance, because I’m a geek that way. Sigh.

Cherry on top? Received a review from Fallen Angel Reviews a few days ago. They gave Lone a Recommended Read. :)

Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read image

All this warrants a happy dance, right? I think so too:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael's back!

So apparently it's been roughly two years since I've updated Michael Finally Grows Up . I'm not sure how it happened, because I love that story. It's had an interesting resurgence in popularity recently, as I've been getting emails with subject headers like "When DOES Michael finally grow up?" and "Michael's stunted growth."

Fun, right? I hadn't even realized that the story had fans, and truthfully I'd been thinking about it a lot lately. With Lone published at Amber Allure and One Shot accepted by Loose Id, I had a little bit of free time and decided to use it visiting Michael and Avery.

I forgot how great those two are together. Michael's changing, and Avery's mixed feelings are making his behavior sporadic and fun to watch (for me, anyway. I'm told I torture my characters a bit). Chapter six turned out quite long, so I ended up breaking it into two pieces. Six is up now at http://www.rowanmcbride.com/stories/mfgu/ and chapter seven will be up once I'm finished cleaning up the rough draft. I hope you like the new installments. Let me know. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Book Giveaway!

I just got my author copies (print) of "Lone" and I've decided to give one away this Saturday via my mailing list. To enter the drawing, just sign up at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rowan_mcbride/. If you're already a member of the list, no worries. You're automatically entered. ;)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jennifer Crusie is a great writer. Crap.

One of the drawbacks of being a writer is that you’re never again able to read for the pure fun of it. No matter the book, a part of you will analyze sentence structure, character growth, plot development. Chances are pretty good that you’ll get sidetracked once or twice with how you would have turned that phrase or twisted that plot. Inevitably, you compare your writing skills to theirs and try to figure out how you measure up.

How much time you spend doing the above varies with the book. Some books you never really take off the writer’s hat.

But some books? Pure magic. You don’t notice the writing because you’re transported, and suddenly you’re honestly caring about the characters, laughing with them, getting angry on their behalves. Then suddenly you realize what’s happened and you flip back a couple of pages and attempt to figure out how they did that.

This usually results in massive writer’s envy, and yeah, I feel it. A lot.

The most recent book to turn me green (in a good way, as I happen to look fair to decent in green) is Jennifer Crusie’s Bet Me. Even though I don’t read a lot of M/F romance, I picked this one up after catching a recommendation for it at Jen’s Den.

My first reaction was that this was the most hilarious thing I’d read in ages.

My second was a liking for Minerva, one of the main characters, because she was an actuary and tended to break a lot of things down into stats. I had just finished the rough draft for One Shot, and my character Nick is a numbers guy, so I felt like he suddenly had a sister. Sort of. Okay not really.

Then came a few moments of uneasiness. What if Crusie’s numbers gal was more interesting than my numbers guy?

Note: While I fully realize that there is no comparing the two stories—different characters, different plots, different tones, different styles, different genres AND subgenres—this in no way alleviates the uneasiness. Such is the nature of writer’s envy.

And finally, because Bet Me IS such a great book, I slid right back into enjoyment. It had been a while since I read a story that made me laugh out loud. Even when you’re green, you gotta appreciate that.

So am I still a little insecure when I compare myself to Crusie? You bet. But that’s a good thing. If I thought I was the best, how the hell would I ever get better? The trick is to not let those insecurities freeze me up. I learn from other writers, but I don’t discount what’s enjoyable about MY writing. Also, I’ve learned to celebrate the good news when it comes my way.

For instance, One Shot being accepted by Loose Id.

Yep, that really happened. How cool am I? ;)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Feed the Fetish - Strength

I am so sorry! Totally missed that this past Friday was *Fetish Friday.*

Without further ado, here's this month's Feed the Fetish--

I'm a sucker for a good strength feat. And given there are days when I can barely crack a walnut with a nutcracker, watching this guy makes me very happy: