Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Awesome Review for "One Shot"

One Shot Cover -- Click here to learn more about the story

Bitten by Books wrote that "One Shot is by far one of the best romantic eroticas that I have ever read." They also said a lot of other great things about the story, and you can read the full review at:


And you can learn more about One Shot (as well as read an excerpt) on my site. :D

Friday, April 2, 2010

Feed the Fetish -- New title for Feed the Fetish

I was thinking about my whole Feed the Fetish series and it occurs to me that it isn’t so much about my “fetishes” (of which I actually have very few) as it is a feature about “things I like a lot” (of which I have many). I’d be able to post about even more things I like and things other people like if “fetish” weren’t in the title, but I've got nothing as far as new names for the feature.

Any ideas? If so, please post in the comments. If I choose your title, there’s a shiny new 8x10 glossy of my Boy Meets Bishie logo in it for ya. :)

Boy Meets Bishie Logo