Friday, April 2, 2010

Feed the Fetish -- New title for Feed the Fetish

I was thinking about my whole Feed the Fetish series and it occurs to me that it isn’t so much about my “fetishes” (of which I actually have very few) as it is a feature about “things I like a lot” (of which I have many). I’d be able to post about even more things I like and things other people like if “fetish” weren’t in the title, but I've got nothing as far as new names for the feature.

Any ideas? If so, please post in the comments. If I choose your title, there’s a shiny new 8x10 glossy of my Boy Meets Bishie logo in it for ya. :)

Boy Meets Bishie Logo


Chris said...

Glorious Gushes... wait, that doesn't sound much better than Feed the Fetish. *ahem*

Likables? Hmm. Could easily be Lickables. Hmm.

This is not so easy.

Rowan McBride said...

@Chris -- I feel your pain. :)

Kassa said...

Delving into Desires
Observing Obsessions
Coveting Pretty Things
Delicious Yearnings
Treasure Trove
Tissue Temptation (hehe)

Chris said...

Damn. Kassa is GOOD at this. Um, Raves for Faves?

Deanna said...

Straightening Out The Kinks
Plainly Passionate

Anonymous said...

Guiltless Pleasures
Jump to the gutter
Love of my hand(?)

I don't know, this' pretty hard...

Rowan McBride said...

You guys are doing a lot better than I did. :) said...

Fun and Games

Christina said...

Maybe just change it slightly and make it Feed the Fantasy?