Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jascian, YouTube, and other news.

I've posted chapter 13 of "The Jascian's Toy." Although I posted it first on the Evolution Forum at, I couldn't resist making a few last minute edits before submitting it to Nifty, so I would suggest reading it there since it's up today on that site. The mirror I use is

I'm planning to centralize the story on my own website, so in the future you'll be able to read new installments there first, which will make access quicker and easier for everyone. Should be a good thing.

I've gotten myself a new YouTube channel. So far it's only got one book trailer and a few favorites, but it should be pretty cool...eventually. You can view it/subscribe/drop me a line at:

My reading list has (finally) changed. If you're interested, it's on my Interests page. Two new books. I'm making progress. :)

Plus I've got a new banner!

boy meets bishie banner

Pretty snazzy, yeah? You can view the full sized version here.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Feed the Fetish -- A Well Made Suit

I don't know what it is, but something about a tailored suit always gets to me. Even better if the guy wearing the suit is also wearing glasses and/or {ah yeah} is a sadistic seme. Throw a little magic in? Bonus.

Not a lot of the guys in my own stories so far have worn the glorious tailored suit. Jesse from Chasing Winter didn't like them, but he wore one once, and Keith made sure to jump him good in that scene. Nick almost always had a suit on in One Shot, but it was more of a cute "I'm trying to emulate my mentor" kind of thing. As far as suit-imagery goes, his mentor Greg painted a more powerful image for me, which is a shame because he doesn't have a story. heh.

Paul, though... Man, he was a lot of fun to write. Cool, calm, always in control. Until Kian came along and set his whole world on fire, anyway. And Anne Cain made sure he rocked that suit on the cover:

Click the pic for more information about this story

Never get tired of it, so this month's Feed the Fetish is full of men who also rock their suits:

Sakurazuka Seishiro by ~Eriko-chan on deviantART

Seishiro, from Tokyo Babylon and X/1999. Smoking's not good for you and truthfully neither is he, but I still love him.


Soon by ~Rai-daydreamer on deviantART

Big guys look good in suits too. :D


shooting 31.05.2009with smun13 by ~phenomdesire on deviantART

No jacket, but he has glasses in his mouth, so I'm giving him a pass. ;)


At your services by *heise on deviantART

Dom in a suit... submissive in a suit... It's all good.

So, who's your favorite suit?