Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fiction? Reality? Eh. It's a fine line.

Thought I'd share one of the articles I'd read while working on One Shot:


Will it have accidental side effects similar to the ones in my story? If so, then I'm thinking a needle in the arm is definitely worth it. ;)


LibrasArt said...

mm... muscle growth...

Mari-chan said...

For a second I thought you meant that growth really was a side effect! The biochemist in me said 'impossible!' and well...Silly me... By the way, I loved One Shot, just as I love everything of yours that I've read.

Rowan McBride said...

@LibrasArt - mmm, muscle growth indeed!

@Mari-chan - Would have been an interesting development though. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed One Shot! Thank you for letting me know!