Saturday, October 20, 2012


I’m going to try and self-publish an e-book this December. It’s a short story, and I’m thinking of making it free. If I don’t make it free, then all proceeds will go to charity. I haven’t decided on which one yet, since there are a lot I like. But if I go that route, I’ll be sure to let you know the specifics.

While I’ve semi-self-published a hardcopy book (Want Me) before, I hired a company to handle the heavy lifting regarding formatting and distribution. I’m going to be doing this e-book mostly by myself (I say mostly because I have great beta readers and an awesome cover artist, etc.) and the process boggles my mind. Whole new respect for the attention to detail my publishers give my work.

The story’s called Chains. I should probably write a blurb for it. And build a page for it on my site. And get it formatted correctly for different e-reader formats. And…

It’ll be fun. I’m sure it’ll go off without a hitch. >.>

Chains is a good story, though. Even with hitches it’ll be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Well, regardless of whether you'll be charging and giving the proceeds to charity or making it free, I'm thrilled that Chains is in the works, and will be all over it the second it's out!

Tiffany said...

Can't wait to read it. I love your work. I will greatly look forward to this one too.

k.n. said...

looking forward to it. just went on one of my "rowan binges" and reread lone, one good series, and drayner >.<

Carlis said...

Seriously, after marathon-reading everything you've written and posted, I want to shower you with fanartz and naked men. The first will have to wait until holidays, and the vending machines are all out of the latter but you just WAIT. Lots of crazy fan(s) are coming your way. >8(

Totally excited that you'll have something new out soon!

And uh yeah, creepy fan inching away now before you call the orderlies. <.<

Rowan McBride said...

@Anon - Thanks. :) I'm leaning toward "pay what you will" with the payment button linking directly to the charity. Still trying to work out the logistics of such things, though. Esp when it comes to the retailer sites.

@Tiffany - I'm glad you dig my stories. I hope you enjoy "Chains" as well.

@k.n. - Haha. Makes me ridiculously happy to hear that there are people who go on reading binges with my stuff.

@Carlis - Vending machines full of naked men? Where do you live and is it hard to get citizenship? XD

Brian said...

How goes the progress on Chains (and any other upcoming books for that matter?) Love your writing to bits.

Rowan McBride said...

@Brian - It goes well, and I should have info to share soon. ;)