Friday, January 8, 2010

Feed the Fetish -- Giants

I believe the correct word for me is "macrophile," although I find that I'm horribly picky about my giants. The "macro" part of the story or image usually has to tie in to muscle growth in some way, I don't like vore (when the giant eats people), gore, or anything really to do with feet.

And even though I like stories about female giants, it's surprisingly hard to find stories/images featuring male giants (what's up with that?). I think the first stories I found collected together were probably on the Evolution Forum, and since then I've discovered places like Metabods (which has been down for a while now due to repairs) and Coiled Fist (which is still up!).

Below are a few macrophile images I like. Next time around I'll see about posting links to some stories. :)


Mysterious Mist by ~lildlareg on deviantART


Gulliver by ~TamasGaspar on deviantART


Giant Experiment by *Zhu1609 on deviantART


PS: Sorry about posting on the second Friday of this month. That whole New Year's thing threw me off.

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